Size guide

We know that when you buy a piece of clothing you need to fit it correctly. For this we have created a size guide for each product.

  1. How to take measurements?


Neck size is very important, especially when it comes to shirts. To get the correct size, just use a sartorial tape measure and measure the circumference of the base of the neck, but remember to leave an inch of space between the tape measure and the neck.


To obtain your chest size, just measure the circumference of the chest by passing the tape measure just under the arms.


For the sleeves we need to make some clarifications. In fact, the size may vary according to the product. In some cases the measurement is taken starting from the base of the neck to the wrist, in other cases however, this measurement can only concern the actual length of the arms, in this case, to take the correct measurement it will be the one from the shoulders to the wrist.


To obtain your waist size, you will need to measure the circumference of the narrowest point of your waist.

Leg length

The length of the leg is measured taking into account only the inside leg, unless otherwise indicated. Therefore, the part that goes from the crotch to the ankle should not be measured.

Back length

Each size corresponds to a different length of the shirt/shirt. To check if the size of the shirt you have chosen is correct, you will need to measure from the collar to the bottom. Remember to place the tape measure across the center of your back.